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We pride ourselves in our ability to recognize and predict our client’s needs. We fully understand employee maximisation and production needs, while aligning to business standards through consultative budgeting and implementation. We understand that every minute your team is down you are losing valuable time, efficiency, and profit. Providing full-service IT solutions that exceed industry standards allows us to help your business succeed.

Reduce the time you spend on customer issues

Xari IT Aid handles system maintenance for your desktops/laptops and servers and integrates seamlessly into your business. Simply pick up the phone or lodge a ticket thru our user-friendly client portal and our team of skilled engineers will help you out.

We take the headache out of IT support by providing your organisation with the key technical skills to help your business run smoothly. Computer and server breakdowns are harmful to business productivity. In some cases, a full system outage can stop a business from operating altogether. Xari IT Aid monitors and maintains your critical computer systems; installs and configures hardware and; of course, solves technical problems.

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Want more than reactive service?

Xari IT AID helps keep your hardware and servers running at peak performance, including:

  • Maintenance services including patching, spyware, antivirus and preventive tasks.
  • Monitoring, alerting and escalation including 24/7 or after business hours.

Here are a few of the things a good IT partner should do besides rebooting your

We help you draft the rules about how you and your team can use your company’s technology and what you’re allowed to use it for. IT governance plays a vital role in IT security as well as ‘data assurance’ which the whole IT team is responsible for.

This is all of the hardware components, network and other equipment necessary to make your IT systems function exactly the way you would like it – and the way that equipment is designed to run.

Maintenance and operation of the applications that run on your infrastructure, including the Operating System (OS) and the applications that run on top of the OS, including data management.

IT Network Responsibilities
We oversee the installation and maintenance of computer network systems within a company. Networks aren’t just cables plugged into the back of modems. They can be extremely complex, especially once multiple office locations are considered, coupled with the need for increased security. It’s therefore imperative that companies employ highly skilled, and most importantly – experienced IT professionals.

IT isn’t just computer operations and other information technologies within a business anymore. Communications that rely on IT networks now extends further into company communication with technologies like phone systems, conference calls, video and web conferences and chat systems being integrated just as much as traditional email systems have.

Technical Support
This extends to installing new software or hardware and repairing faulty hardware. Staff training in new software and systems is key along with troubleshooting problems with the system or with an individual’s computer.

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Our Cybersecurity Frameworks are built around:

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  • Xari Group Achievement
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