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We'll save you money on your IT & Cyber Security Services. Guaranteed.

With our NO OBLIGATION FREE 30 minute consultation we can help you uncover massive cost savings in your business.

By getting to know a bit more about your business we can identify a strategy that saves you money. Chat to our team about reducing unused IT expenses all while improving your day to day support. 

There’s nothing to lose and real money to be saved.

You get unlimited hours of work for a fixed monthly fee.

Our business model is simple. We work so proactively and efficiently that we offer unlimited hours of IT support in our packages.

We’re all about packing value into everything we offer.

Our managed IT services come with way more value than any internal team ever could.

Why pay the salary of an internal IT manager who’ll sigh at you every time you need help, when you could just pay our monthly retainer? We come with a whole suite of experts in their IT fields and we’ve carefully trained our Help Desk team to be nice to you.

We make your IT support costs transparent and easy to understand.

Our team of experienced IT and Cyber Security Professionals know how to find and extract the best value from our services.

Our Partners In Crime

(well, secure crime)

Why choose Xari Group?

We find and resolve issues before you see them

Internal IT teams usually have so much going on that they're always in react mode. We have the team we need to service our clients. So, we're always tinkering around in your system. It means we see everything and we identify and solve issues so quickly, you don't even know they've happened.

We communicate proactively and we do it well

We have a dedicated dispatcher who takes all our Help Desk calls and assigns them to the best person for the job. If it's not the quickest fix, we'll stay in communication with you, setting real and transparent expectations. 

When it’s bad, we’ll find a workaround for you

We're pretty good at IT, but even the best can't always find an immediate solution. So, when we can't solve your problem straight away? We'll be on the front foot with smart workarounds to keep your business moving.

Have a problem? We’re onto it in four hours

Some internal teams take weeks to solve your IT problems. We commit ourselves to jumping onto your problem within four hours. You'll get a call within that four-hour timeframe, either saying it's fixed or communicating the next steps. 

Critical problem? Make that one hour

We know our clients' IT systems control their business operations and without their systems? There may be no business. We'll get onto critical issues like these within the hour. But like we said, we're so proactive this rarely happens.

Here's how much our customers love us

What kind of things can we save you money on?

We save you money, keep you secure and optimise how you do business. (But we’re here when things go wrong too.)

Cybersecurity Services


Managed IT Services


The day-to-day stuff

Do you hold data that has the potential to wreak havoc? You need cybersecurity.

If you hold data that holds the potential to bring or cause serious harm to an individual or are under the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme, then cybersecurity is essential for your business.


Keep your patients, your team and your organisation safe. Cyber threats can breach patient privacy and lead to mass disruption, causing poor outcomes for your organisation.

Government & NFP

In both government settings and Not for Profits, a data breach or cyber threat can cause personal information to be leaked or an actual physical threat.


Sensitive client information lies within your data. It means a breach is at best, embarrassing and at worst, a legal issue (but we don’t need to tell you about those).

Finance & Accounting

You hold powerful client data and that data can be stolen or even held ransom, leading to some pretty significant legal issues and repercussions.

Companies that rely on us for IT Support

We’re waiving setup fees with one & two-year contracts. 💰

That’s $5,000 to $20,000 of value. Or, sign up for two years and have your setup fees waived and free cloud migration thrown in too. 

1 Year Contract

Incredible value over a
flexible timeframe
  • Security Firewall &
    12 months Security subscription
  • WFH integration
  • Security baseline audit
  • IT RoadMap and Budget
  • Best practices
  • Consulting services

2 Year Contract

Get your systems updated with great ongoing support
  • Includes everything in 1 years +​
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud Solutions refers to on-demand services, computer networks, storage, applications or resources accessed via the internet. Businesses benefit from increased capacity, scalability, functionality, and reduced maintenance and cost for computer infrastructure an in-house staff.

There’s no judgement. We’re the IT nerds, we don’t expect you to be.

We’re here to help you. We won’t condescendingly ask if you’ve tried turning it off and on again or if the computer’s plugged in. (It is always good to check that though.) We’re not here to judge, we’re just here to give you the support you need to move past IT issues and act with confidence.

We know what you're thinking

"Managed IT is too expensive"

Managed IT services are an investment for your business. We use strategies that save you money long-term and the protection we offer is priceless when compared with a data breach.

"Why would anyone want our data?"

You’d be surprised by the value of data… Even a small Mum & Dad accounting firm holds highly valuable data. As well as that, hackers usually go for low hanging fruit (as in, systems with no protection).

We'll save you money on your IT security. Guaranteed.💰

With our NO OBLIGATION FREE 30 minute consultation we can help you uncover massive cost savings in your business.

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