Case Studies

projects pic2 SPC Finance & Leasing 

With over a century of real-world financial experience, the professional team at SPC required access, reliability, and, above all, security. Xari delivers!

Spectronics Australia 

Australia and New Zealand’s largest supplier of special needs software and assistive technologies is woken from an IT nightmare by Xari Group.

Case Study

The History

“For the last 6 years Xari Group has kept my systems going, and through their Managed Services, they keep the network running with a level of consistency which continues to exceed my expectations. They often fix minor issues before we are aware they have happened, and before they impact on my staff or clients.”


The Challenge

The company was at a stage of development where it required remote access capabilities, so that key staff could increase the flexibility and efficiency of their operations. Additionally, the existing network infrastructure was struggling to cope with increasing load as the business grew. Of course, given the nature of the business, data security and robust backup capability was essential.


As Scott says: “It is important for my staff to have secure, reliable access to our servers, even when away from the office… our technology is business critical to us and the high level of service we provide to our clients.”


The Solution

Because SPC has been an Xari Group client for over 6 years, regular strategic technology planning sessions mean that Scott is able to budget in advance for technology enhancements, ensuring that his IT backbone is always aligned with his business needs and plans. “As our business needs grow and change, it always good to know that the staff at Xari Group are there, reviewing our needs and planning the next step before time becomes critical… Our monthly system data reports indicated the need to look to update the server…


Accordingly we made plans to implement new hardware which would be capable of dealing with our increasing business demands & take advantage of new technology” SPC’s existing servers were replaced with a single powerful machine, running several virtual servers, protected and backed up according to best practices, incorporating secure remote access, enterprise-grade cloud-based anti-spam and multiple layers of virus and intrusion protection.


The Experience

“The new server install ran very smoothly with minimal downtime or disruption to our business. The 3 techs that were onsite for the install were professional and courteous and clearly explained to us in plain English the process which was about to take place. Having been a client of Xari Group for the past 6 years, this recent experience has again confirmed that my business has partnered with the right IT firm to meet our current needs and those into the future.”


The Future

“I would highly recommend Xari Group to anyone looking to upgrade their system, or to change to a provider who can manage their entire IT environment. With Xari Group, I don’t have to think or worry about my technology, just turn it on and I know it will work like it is supposed to - all at a predictable cost that is able to be budgeted for each month… I plan to continue with Xari Group as my technology partner for many years to come!” SPC Finance: With over a century of real-world financial experience, the professional team at SPC required access, reliability, and, above all, security. Xari Group delivers! Xari Group



SPC Finance & Leasing is based on the Sunshine Coast. They have a strong focus on helping businesses grow through tailored financial solutions and local market intelligence.



An IT System that not only caters for their current requirements but is fully scalable to meet future growth and adaptable to changing business needs.



• Increased staff productivity through fast, reliable and secure system

• Remote access from anywhere, anytime

• Enterprise-grade protection from any outside threats like Spam, Malware, Viruses and Intrusion.

• Dependable mission critical IT Systems and Support at a predictable cost