Case Studies

projects pic2 SPC Finance & Leasing 

With over a century of real-world financial experience, the professional team at SPC required access, reliability, and, above all, security. Xari delivers!

Spectronics Australia 

Australia and New Zealand’s largest supplier of special needs software and assistive technologies is woken from an IT nightmare by Xari Group.

Case Study


“Spectronics, a profitable market leader in the provision of assistive technology to Government and Private Educational Institutions and special needs users, was in the middle of an IT nightmare. One of their most valuable resources, their Business Manager, was kept from performing his core functions by his staff, who were unable to perform THEIR core functions because they were being let down by an IT infrastructure which was slow, prone to crashing and not reliably performing ITS core functions. As Karl Francois, General Manager at Spectronics puts it “These issues rapidly developed into a snowball effect and caused major disruption to business operations and staff confidence in our IT infrastructure.” He goes on “I was about to replace the entire Server system at an astounding cost”


Xari Group

Karl was introduced to Xari Group by an ex-colleague, and was astounded when an IT company, rather than bidding for the substantial sale, told him it was not necessary to make that purchase. As Aaron Hawke, Xari Group’s CEO said “If they are running properly, both your server and network infrastructure will be quite sufficient to meet your needs, and luckily that is what we do – get things running at peak efficiency, and keep them there.” Xari Group carries out thousands of system checks and automated performance optimisation tasks daily on its clients’ servers, networks and workstations, ensuring predictable, peak performance and remediating any emergent issues BEFORE they impact upon their clients’ businesses. The Xari Group promise: Every company we deal with will have a smooth, predictable, reliable IT experience with no nasty surprises. One of the hardest business decisions I have ever had to make… Despite initial scepticism, entirely understandable based on career-long experience of dealing with other IT companies, Karl decides “My case for persisting with the existing IT company had finally come to an end and the decision was made to switch to Xari Group.”


So what happened?

As Karl says: “Within the first week of Xari Group management, the server no longer struggled to cope and was operating more efficiently than it had ever before. Complaints from my staff had declined so drastically that I had much more time to get back to business operations instead of having to spend countless hours trying to keep the system running myself.” “I almost didn’t believe it was possible… Everything just works!” From the Xari Group perspective, there was still much to be done to bring the operation of the network up to our standards, but Spectronics was just beginning to experience “a new kind of normal” – and they have never looked back! “The difference is dramatic. Previously, I would be calling my IT provider to tell them that my server had crashed again and my entire workforce was without email and could not process orders. These days, I get a notification from the Xari Group team telling me that there was an issue developing, that it has been resolved and none of my staff was affected.” …proved to be one of the best business decisions I have ever made! “Every month, I get a report summarising the state of my systems, and each quarter there is a review of their performance where we make plans to ensure continuing smooth IT operation as we grow. Now I make my IT decisions based on actual verifiable data, and with meaningful advice from people who really know my company and my needs. With Xari Group, there are no surprises.”



Unreliable, poorly-performing network assets caused significant loss of time, loss of staff confidence, and frustration was at an all-time high. The negative impact on the business was severe.



Highly automated, reliable, proactive network management.



• Reliable, consistent network, server and workstation performance

• Efficient utilization of existing assets

• Happy users

• General Manager free to focus on the business, not fighting with his technology

• Delayed capital expenditure

• Staff able to perform their functions