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 HS logoHear and Say – Centre for Deaf Children

It’s almost 12 months since we contracted with Xari Group to undertake our IT maintenance and it has been a very satisfactory and rewarding period.

Your support team, has met our support requests in a highly professional and timely manner which has engendered confidence in our clinical and other staff through Queensland. Your understanding of our child service focus and family focused culture has ensured that IT maintenance has regularly been undertaken without impacting on clinical service delivery. As well as IT maintenance, we have valued your advice on system, desktop and laptop upgrading and I believe that, other than known areas where additional finances are required for the :next step:, we now have a robust and reliable network and peripherals. I can categorically state that, without Xari’s support, Hear and Say would be embroiled in “fighting IT fires” rather than growing strategically as we are doing now. We look forward to iStar maintaining at this high level of service support and continuing to be an important partner in providing essential tools in our core business of bringing children who are deaf to age appropriate listening and speaking and full inclusion in their schools and community.

T. Barry